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“My son developed normally until he was 3 years old , he use to use simple language but now at the age of 6 he has lost all of his language. Daniel has Autism, which does not define him, he is such a beautiful child with such a loving nature. Since being at Victory Kids he is not anxious like he use to be, he loves going to school and tries his best in the class room and in his one on one sessions. Daniels understanding has come on leaps and bounds, the love and support Daniel gets from his school Victory Kids goes above and beyond, every single person working at Victory Kids is loving, understanding and always there to do their best- true earth angels. The challenge we now face is we don't have a school premises of our own to allow our children to grow within the school, so once Daniel gets to grade 1 he has nowhere to go...

It is my greatest wish to have a school for my son and all the other children in need in Port Elizabeth to go, to a school that knows  our children and their needs, who are there to help them grow from strength to strength.”

“My name is Kayleigh, I am 3 years old. I was diagnosed with Autism last year and started with Victory Kids in January 2016. I am not able to talk yet but I am trying every day and I will let you know when I like or don't like something. I love 2 minute noodles and chicken with chips. I really love ice-cream a lot and yoghurt; biscuits; oranges and sweets. I like to watch teletubbies and I love dancing, swimming, playing outside, painting and blowing bubbles. When I go to bed I like to sleep next to my dolly's. I have a big brother, Liam, who is 5 years old. He understands me and is my best friend. A lot of people love me and I love them too, I just can't say it or always show it. My smile lights up the room. 

Since I started at Victory Kids, only a month ago I can hum the tune of twinkle twinkle little star, I am doing well with brushing my own teeth, I am making a lot more sounds and trying to talk, I am also starting to learn sign language, I have also started with potty training, and I now enjoy big hugs.

I am very happy to be part of the Victory Kids family. I love all my teachers and I have already learnt so much. I am excited and happy when I go to school every day.”

“Hi, it took me forever to write this, where do I start... it has been such a long and fruitful road that I have so much to say. 

Bryce joined the Victory Kids family in 2013, just before his 3rd birthday. When he started at Victory Kids he was nonverbal, he was not communicating in any form. He had no social skills and no eye contact. He did not interact with other children or teacher. He did not eat, he did not sleep. He had sensory issues so bad that he would not dress or get his hands dirty. He was not potty trained or even close to understanding what that is.

Since his enrolment at Victory Kids we have only seen improvement in ALL of the above. Bryce is now verbal enough to interact and communicate to meet his needs. His eye contact has improved tremendously. He is now socially interactive and loves to play with his friends. His favourite play is mud play.

Being part of the Victory Kids family has not only helped my son to start dealing with his challanges but also helped us as a family to come to terms with what we are dealing with and how to help our child be the he can be.”